Here we have a superb set of acid etched brass and turned brass bits to make up some superb miniature working rigging blocks. These are currently only available in sible blocks.

Available in five sizes. Each pack contains enough to make 4 blocks.


5.9 X 3.0MM SINGLE BLOCK - KIT OF 4 BLOCKS.                                                                                                          £3.50

7.1 X 4.0MM SINGLE BLOCK -  KIT OF 4 BLOCKS.                                                                                                          £3.50


To make the kits up. Simply cut out the top loop, this is in two pieces. Carefully bend the two parts together then fit through hole in the middle of the etched outer case/block. Bend over the locating pins and glue or solder in place. Now simply bend the outer case to fit the shieve taking care when bending. Once the outer case is bend to shape there are two pins, one is hollow. Fit the hollow pin through the hole in the side of the block and locate the shieve onto the pin. Then insert the thinner pin into the hollow pin through the other side plate to "lock" the unit in place then glue in place. DO NOT USE TO MUCH GLUE. Check for rotation of the shieve, make sure it turns. Sounds complicated but it really is not. Like everything the first one is always the hardest to make. After that its a doddle.

Use good quality super glue or solder


These double kits contain enough etchings and turned parts to construct 4 blocks per kit. The assembly instructions are exactly the same as for the single blocks above except for the fact that there are two shieves instead of one.

Available in 5 sizes. Each pach contains enough items to make 4 blocks.

5.9 X 3.0MM DOUBLE BLOCK KIT - KIT OF 4 BLOCKS                                                                                               £3.50

8.1 X 5.0MM DOUBLE BLOCK KIT - KIT OF 4 BLOCKS                                                                                               £3.65


This is what you get in the double block kit. Hence the reason for 4 blocks per kit.

These are the components from the fret that make up one block. Please note that you always bend the etched brass
with the bend line to the INSIDE of the bend. See picture below to clarify.

Take the mounting piece and bend it to form the mounting as shown in the picture. Insert the mounting point through the
hole in the brass sheet, having first bent the brass sheet through 90 degress as can be seen in the picture. Once you have
fitted the mounting tags through the hole bend them as shown and either glue in place or solder in place. Note these
mountings are fragile, some people prefer to replace this with bend wire.

This picture shows you the top of the block with the mounting in place.

There are eight pins supplied in the kit, four are hollow and four are solid. Insert one hollow pin through the hole in the
side of the block as can be seen. You are now ready to fit the shieves.

This pictue now shows the shieves fitted. Now simply bend the upper part of the block down gently so that the hollow pin
goes through the hole in the side of the block. Now it is time to fit the solid pin into the hole in the hollow pin. Very carefully
put a very small amount of glue onto the solid pin and insert it into the hollow pin. Hold in place until dry. Make sure that
no extra glue has gone down into the workings of the block.

Fitting the solid pin into the hollow pin. This now completes the assembly of the block.

NOTE- The procedure is exactly the same for single blocks, but of course you only have four shieves in the singles kits
i.e one shieve per block.

For simplicity no glue was shown during the assembly of this block. I recomend using a good quality super glue of the
medium grade thickness. Do not use thin superglue as it tends to run through the block if you are not very careful. I normally
put a drop of glue onto a piece of cling film then I can just dip the solid pin into the "pool" of glue while holding it with good
quality locking tweezers.

These blocks look complicated to make but like anything the first one is always the hardest to make, once you have made
a few you can made them in your sleep as they say.

These blocks are working blocks and are only intended for use on models, they are not load bearing and should not be
though of as such. They will carry a small amount of weight comensurate to there size and scale when on a model.