Here are some pictures of my new build. The vessel in question is at 1/24th scale and is a Fisheries and Oceanographic Research Vessel.


Stern view of the 80mm brass prop and the 82mm aluminium nozzle bolted to the cast brass skeg

this is supporting the cast brass Bekker rudder. Just checking on alignments etc prior to fitting to hull.

The picture above is of the four bladed brass prop sitting in the nozzle. The stainless steel cap bolts

are for locating the unit through the hull. The tin of "pop" is for scale reference purposes only.

In the picture above is the drive coupling from the 8mm stainless steel shaft to the geared motor

drive. Aluminium with bonded rubber coupling. It is the only one I could find that would fit this


The oil tube on the prop shaft, heavy duty to take the oil for the shaft and bearings. It is recommended

that the model does not exceed 3000rpm hence I am aiming at running at 2500 rpm max.

The electric motor with reduction gearing which is going in the model.


A pair of hatches ready for the fore deck, completed. Made from 1.5mm pasticard with

brass and bronze fittings used in the construction.

The same type of hatch as above but complete with a ladder going down to a lower deck level

completed ready for fitting once required. This will be dropping down into a water proof compartment

just in case!

Below is just one of the many companion ways that need to be built. Again made from plasticard.

One of the companion ways, with support brackets in place. 41 pieces to each companion way.

The side rails are two pieces made I a jig, then the tread plates are added and the spacer pieces are

fitted these "lock" the treads in place. I am using continental pattern tread plate as the vessel

was build in Holland. Brass fitting used as an when using bolts to lock in place.

Two more companionways that are completed.

Three of the doors made, two unfinished in the picture below, again there are lots of these to be


One of the life raft containers on its stand prior to painting and outfitting ready for mounting

on the models upper works once pained up and all markings and strops fitted.

Ships search light under construction below. This has had a very powerful micro

led installed and the base is all hand made to match similar units fitted.

The anchor light now completed just needs painting and led's fitting.


Above is one of the side walls under construction. Note the working caged brass lamps  and

the electrical on/off switch with water trap as per maritime fitments.

The pictures above and below are of the inside of the Electronics laboratory, not totally finished,

only part electrified so far, all gauges will light up and all warning lamps will be fitted in there

correct colours. The timber work surfaces are Brazilian Mahogany, this is fitted through out the build

were needed.

Inside the Electronics Laboratory, now for finishing off and electrifying.

Starboard stern section of the upper works under construction, drilled out ready for the winch.

Lower starboard stern prior to fitting other uprights. Electrics wired in for light.

Starboard side prior to sorting out all the fiddly bits.

Fitting out of starboard side of bridge area.

Port side of bridge area. Prior to fitting consuls and roofing.

Port side under construction.

Port stern area under construction.

Inside of Electronics Lab starting to look right now.

Portside of bridge interior with companion way housing in the middle.

Bridge area general view, progressing.

Another view of the bridge area showing the outline of the consul.

Lighting starting to go in, in this case the some of the ceiling lights fitted to the false

ceiling. long way to go yet.


The basic brass tube for the main structural part of the mast. This is standard modelling 8.0mm brass thin wall tube.

Please excuse the quality of these pictures as they were taken late at night, with out flash.

The brass top radar and twin mast lamp mounting bracket, test fitting, prior to final fitment.

One of the twin lamp units made up prior to finishing off and fitting. This is the double green but due

to the picture quality looks to have no colour.

The top mounting plate, now machined and cleaned ready for fitting to mast. Both adjusting turnbuckles

fitted with heavy duty rigging rings and brass blackened lock nuts.

Back view of the inverted top plate showing turnbuckles in position.

The direction finder loop now constructed and ready for fitting. Note that the top aerial is of set to the main

frame of the direction finder.

Mock layout of just some of the fitting ready for assembly on the mast, only two of the lamps are shown,

some of my miniature LED'S awaiting fitting and wiring. The tiny yellow blob at the end of the black curled up

wires is I fact the led. These are quite large for the type being 1.5 x 1.0mm in size.

Top bracket, now machined sanded and awaiting polishing prior to progressing with the build of this unit.

Just fitting the lamp mounting plate to this bracket.

Lamp mounting plate now finished. Showing the sub miniature nuts and bolts that I use along with the

very specialised nut spinners required for assembling this type of work. Even with these it is very fiddly

hence a lot of patience is needed.

Trial fitment of items made so far to now drill all wiring holes prior to de-burring same.

Starting to fit lamps, twin mast lamp fitted to its mounting plate with nuts and bolts and ready for wiring.

Top plate now in place along with the direction finder loop all glued in.

Top of the mast nearing completion, lamps in place, all wiring done in the top section, speaker in place 

and the imitation wiring conduit in place.

Lower light bracket fitted and wired prior to fitting lamp and testing.

Lower section now starting to take shape, 360 degree red lamp now fitted. Note this is a single unit.

 Looking from the front top angle down to the first radar unit then on down to the lower lamp bracket.

Another view of the top front face of the top of the mast section.

Lower port section of mast nearly completed.

Next section up from the base port side, showing part of the ladder system. Nearly completed.

This section completed except for painting. Sorry about the picture being on its side the

server system does this and you can't get it back the correct way, it will not allow you to do this.

This section now complete except for some mock wiring conduits and painting.

This now virtually completes the mast section.

Finished mast below, all wired and painted.



Below are some of the fittings that I have made or acquired for this build. I hope you enjoy looking at these.

This is one of the air conditioning vents on the vessel, hence the woven phosphor bronze netting

behind the louvered brass vent.

One of the mounting stands for a large single block. The unit rotates a full 360 degrees.

These are superb bow thruster markings in etched brass, simply glue to the hull prior to painting.

My personal favourite etch brass fittings for this vessel, the builders plates plus the refit plates.

I haven't decided on which pair to use yet.

A pair of cast brass fire extinguishers for the bridge. Very nicely cast units with no flash.

Anchor chain lock, feed and port in the process of being cleaned up and painted prior to being

but into storage until required.

Just four of the bulwark lamps that have to be made, they work very well and are made from brass

being only 8mm across.  Using extra small LED's for the lights.