Here are some pictures of my new build. The vessel in question is at 1/24th scale and is a Fisheries and Oceanographic Research Vessel.


Stern view of the 80mm brass prop and the 82mm aluminium nozzle bolted to the cast brass skeg

this is supporting the cast brass Bekker rudder. Just checking on alignments etc prior to fitting to hull.

The picture above is of the four bladed brass prop sitting in the nozzle. The stainless steel cap bolts

are for locating the unit through the hull. The tin of "pop" is for reference purposes only.

In the picture is the drive coupling from the 8mm stainless steel shaft to the geared motor

drive. Aluminium with bonded rubber coupling. It is the only one I could find that would fit this


The oil tube on the prop shaft, heavy duty to take the oil for the shaft and bearings. It is recommended

that the model does not exceed 3000rpm hence I am aiming at running at 2500 rpm max.

The electric motor with reduction gearing which is recommended not to run higher than 3250 rpm

so this should be ideal for this set up.


A pair of hatches ready for the fore deck, completed.

The same type of hatch as above but complete with a ladder going down to a lower deck level

completed ready for fitting.

One of the companion ways, with support brackets in place. 41 pieces to each companion way.

Two more companionways that are completed.

Three of the doors made, two unfinished.

One of the life raft containers on its stand prior to painting and outfitting ready for mounting

on the models upper works.

Ships search light under construction below.

The anchor light now completed just needs painting and power.


Above is one of the side walls under construction.

A view inside the Electronics laboratory, not totally finished, only part electrified.

Picture below shows the back of the bridge area under construction, the unit to the left hand side

is the Electronics Laboratory. The large windows are to observe the small winch that will be

mounted behind the area with no guard rail though there will be a chain in place.