In this section you will find very specialised etched brass fixture and fittings. These are for the specialist modeller looking to really enhance his or her model using the latest items available. When possible we will explain what the items are and were they can be used to best enhance your model. Please note some specialist equipment may be required with some of the items but customer who are used to dealing with edged brass will normally have these specialist tools.


Here we have a selection at different scales of port and starboard navigation boards. The item arrives as a thin flat sheet of brass, on it are etched lines, these are the fold lines. Simply bend the units up with the etched lines on the INSIDE. Fold through 90 degrees, there are only three bends to make. The joint can be glued with a small amout of good quality superglue or it can be solded with soft solder. We supply these navigation boards as either port or starboard, they are handed. The reason that we do not supply them as double sets ie port and starboad together is very simple. If you do make a mistake putting one together you would have to buy another complete set. We feel that its a lot better just to supply them as individual items.

Some boards will be offered with brass nav lamps to match. If you wish to fit bulbs you will need to bore a hole on the base for the wiring.

The above unit is the display unit we take to shows, it is also the largest unit we sell and is available with or without the lamp.





 21 X 9 X 8 BRASS  PORT 1 £ 1.65

 21 X 9 X 8 BRASS STARBOARD 1 £ 1.65




Here we have a very unusual item that are very hard to get.  Kent clear views to fit to ships bridge screens. We very strongley recommend fitting these BEFORE fitting the glass to the bridge to make sure that they are cental to the window. To glue them to the "glass" we recommend using a very thin layer of clear silicon sealant applied with a cocktail stick. Simply roll the stick over the unit to cover it in sealant. Make from nickle silver, exceptional quality.

  7.0 MM NICKLE SILVER 2 £ 1. 75
  5.0 MM NICKLE SILVER 2 £ 1. 50 
  4.0 MM NICKLE SILVER 2 £ 1. 00


 These are fantastic items, they have endless uses. They are tube and rod mounting brackets. All tubes, rods etc fitted to vessels have brackets like these to hold the pipe, rod or tube in place. The are excellent on vertical surfaces as they leave the pipe clear of the "wall" as in reality. Available in various sizes. The units have stops on the feet hence the units will all be at the same height once installed. All dia quoted with these units are the internal dia so that you will know what size rod or tube can be used with these fantastic mountings.



 Here we have a nice little fret containing 53 support brackets, these can be used like the tube and rod fixings. TheY have a different "foot" but are superb for mounting pipes, tubes, conduit etc on models. Made from etched nickle in three different sizes, these are offered at only £1.20 per fret while stocks last.