We are occasionally  very kindly sent pictures of customers models. These may be of any type of model and are mostly scratch built.  We never publish pictures without the owners concent. The common factor with all these models is that they are using Modelling Timbers products in there construction.

"BANTERER" 6th rate 24 gun vessel.

 Mr Michler of Frankfurt in Germany has kindly sent me some pictures of his current project that he and his father are building. So far they have taken two years to build this masterpiece and they tell me that they estimate another two years before completion. I think that anybody seeing this model cannot fail to be seriously impressed by the superb workmanship. This model is built at a scale of 1:30 and will be a fully working and sailing model once completed.

Here we have a superb picture of the decking. This is individual planked as can be seen by the colour variation within the planking, superb work. The corking and treenailing is also a work of art, as is all the very fine detail work.

The picture below shows the suberb detailing within the cabin area complete with oil paintings, maps and documents. Fabulous!

Thank you for sharing these pictures with us!                                                                                                                                                                  Febuary 2010.

"BANTERER" Part 2.

Mr Michler has very kindly sent me an update on his fantastic model of the "BANTERER". This model that is being built jointly by Mr Michler and his farther is a stunning piece of model making having so far taken in excess of two years to build, she will be a fully working and sailing model once completed. I think anybody seeing these pictures can certainly appreciate the stunning workmanship that has gone into this wonderful model.

Above is another  wonderful picture of the starboard side of the vessel showing yet again more of this stunning model!  Note the copper plated hull below the water line.

Another wonderful picture this time from the port quarter, the standing rigging etc is again a credit to the model makers. She is coming to well now.

The picture below is from the starbord quarter showing the wonderful detail work, please note the view into the great cabin were a nice bit of light is showing on the cabin floor from the sky light above this is what "real" modelling is all about.  Thank you for sharing these with us.

November 2010.

Bow picture taken in August 2011


I have kindly been sent a picture of an Arab Dhow that has been renovated by Mr Charles of Rotherham. Mr Charles bought this at a flea market in Bahrain in need of serious renovation and it is beleived that it was built some time in the 1950's. It is an unusual Dhow in the fact that it is twin masted.  Mr Charles has used our rigging cords and sailcloth for his project and I must say he has done a superb job.


I have kindly been sent this picture by Mr Morris of Pontypridd in Wales of his pilot cutter that is currently under construction. As can clearly be seen from the picture this is going to be a lovely vessel once completed. Mr Morris is using a lot of our components, rigging and sailcloth in the construction of his model.  Thank you for sharing this picture with us its a credit to you.




Mr Taylor has very kindly sent in some pictures of his superb model of a Russian 152mm assault Howitzer a KV2 in german markings being transported  on a 80 ton flatbed. This being the only vehicle capable of carrying such a weight on the railway.

This picture shows two fully working brass forked turnbuckles that we have supplied to Mr Taylor which he has modified and has used to actually tension the model to the flatbed. Superb modelling and weathering on this stuning diarama. I think that most modellers would appreciate the superb modelling skills of Mr Taylor. Thank you for sharing these with us.

The 80 ton flatbead transporting Mr Taylors superb Russian KV2 Assault Howitzer in German markings!


Every now and then one see's a set of models that are totally outstanding, one of my customers has recently very kindly sent me some photographs of just some of his models. Mr Legg specialises in scratch building these superb rides all at 1/12 scale not only are they stunning models but they all work and just to finish them off Mr legg has built them so that they come to pieces just as the originals did so that they can be stored in there "transit" vehicles again that he has made along with a series of 1/12 scale showman's engines.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I have done!

As can be seen from the above these are stunning models, Mr Legg tells me that these models take him about 4000 hrs each to build. Some of the models have been built using the original plans from the 1980's. Thank you for sharing these with us.

Built by Mr. Legg from Berkshire. January 2012.


 Mr Read has recently sent me two pictured of his superb engine and tender unit he has built based on the Aster kit, he fitted a new tender body to convert from a BR 1G as supplied to a BR 1F, this was made for him bu Model Engineer Laser and Mr Read used Modelling Timbers 0.5mm brass rivets on the tender. I think most people would agree he has made a superb jo of this.

Mr Reads new BR 1F tender!

Mr Reads engine and tender, thank you for sharing these with us.  September 2012.



Mr. Stephen Arnold from Barnsley in South Yorkshire has very kindly allowed me to display some of his incredible work. Mr Arnold is a professional modeller. This is not suprising as you view his incredible work, this is modelling at its highest level, to make something like this is very difficult to get everything to look right both in scale and time.

Thank you Mr Arnold for sharing these with us.

A picture of part of Mr Arnolds V1 launch site, incredible detail work.

Another iconic scene from ww2. The superb Lancaster and its grond crew, armourers and flight crew.

Another superb scene of the recovery of a crashed spitfire.

The imfamous V2 mobile launching system.

Another superb scene, this time from the far east. Again incredible modelling!

Mr. John Irvine from Lerwick in the Shetland Islands has very kindly sent me a picture or the wonderful scallop trawl that he was made using our scallop bellies. Mr Irvine has made a stunning replica of a scallop trawl, his finished item is superb, I can't wait to see a picture of the complete model it must be something else!

Mr Irvine's completed scallop boat, this as can be see is a superb standard of build being 1/24th scale.
It has a working trawl winch so it can shoot and haul the gear. The scallop bellies look lovely sitting on
the "wall" of the vessel. This is certainly a superb model. Thank you Mr Irvine for kindly sharing these with
us so that fellow modellers can see your wonderful work.
May 2017.


Here we some excellent picture of Mr Hallin of Belgium's Clyde Puffer. A superb piece of work. Thank you Mr Hallin for sharing this with us for other modellers to see. Based on a Caldercraft Kit using some of our components.

This is how a Clyde Puffer should look!