Please e-mail us at the following address:-


Please note that I am an internet supplier only, if you need to contact me by post, ie. to place an order or pay for an item please use the following address;-                                                            

  No callers please, thank you.






IM2 2LY,




Please note that the Isle o Man has a different telecommunications provider than in the the rest of the UK, if you phone us from a mobile phone you will be connected as usual but you may well have to pay roaming charges that are quite expensive.

I recommend you e-mail me if you wish to contact me rather that phoning, it is far easier and far cheaper. My e-mail address is constantly monitered hence you should get a reply to your e-mail withing normally two to three hours of contacting me, unless I am away and if that is the case it will be on the Home page.


Before placing an order  with us, I suggest that you e-mail your requirements, for two reasons. Firstly so that we can quote you for you proposed order. Secondly to make sure that the items you require are in stock. Please state clearly were you live ie. UK mailnand, off shore, etc,  as I need this imformation for pricing postal costs thats all.

Once you have decided to place an order, please let us have a list of your requirements listing the quantity of PACKS required. We often get customers that say they want 4 of something, when then actiually need two packs as there are two in each pack, this can get very confusing, item description giving sizes, colours etc were needed. Please also include a telephone number and an e-mail address in case we need to contact you and also, most importantly your delivery address for the goods so that we can calculate the postal charges for you.


Payment from UK customers can be made by PayPal or uncrossed postal orders. Overseas customer please note that we only accept PayPal payments from overseas customer, this saves you on bank charges as we do not charge customers for paying by Paypal. Many do! Please note that we do not dispatch any items unless we have received payment.


All items are fully guaranteed, if you are not totally satisfied with your order then simply send the pack or packs  back to us, unused, unopened and undamaged, and we will gladly reimburse you, or replace the item or items in question. Please note we do not reimburse postages charges.

Please note, to be fair to both side we ask that items for return are sent back to us within 10 days of you receiving your items, we do not cover postage. While we understand fully that it is easy to order the wrong item for the scale you require we will gladly exchange these items for others or give a refund, this however does not apply to any items that thave been opened and removed from there packaging. Please do not attempt to re-package items as we can soon tell if this has occured. Our policy is simple, if the packet has been opened  then we consider it sold. This especially applies to all non ferrous items.


We are sometimes asked by customers for certain items that we may not stock but can get, or a special order is required of a certain item we sell but the requirement is for a bulk order, ie stanchions. We are quite happy to fulfil this type of order were possible, but please note that order of this type must be paid for in advance and we will not accept returns on these bulk or special orders. We normally will give a discount on bulk orders but please note we do not supply traders, shops, or other outlets.