In this section you will find items that are for use in modelling fishing boats, be they modern trawlers or fishing boats from yesteryear,  this is a facinating field of marine modelling as fishing boats alter virtually by community. There have been hundreds of different fishing vessels in the UK alone.


Here we have a strop making kit so that you can make a series of strops to suit your model. The kit contains 10 brass rigging thimbles that will accept material up to 0.8mm in dia. There is 1 metre of 0.8mm stainless steel cable that is covered in a clear plastic casing. This material can be easily cut to whatever length you require. More cable is available seperatly if more is required. I have made up strops if you don't want to make your own.

Example of a strop making kit.


Here we have made up strops with stainless steel cabke and whipped ends. These are the strops that you can make from the kits above if you need different sizes to the one I make. To make them correctly you will need to know how to whip ends on cables and be able to work in miniature, it is not very hard but it does take some getting usedto if you have never done it before.

Example of one of my made up strops.

Here we have a series of cables and ropes that can be very usefull when making trawlers and fishing boats either modern boats or traditional boats.

Example of our yellow and black water proof nylon cable. Please note that this material is fairly "stiff" as it has been treated to make it waterproof and rot proof.

Example of our 0.5mm braided day glow rope - very popular.

Example of our very popular 3.0mm dia braided orange cable.
This material is very hard to find and makes great mooring ropes.

A very unusaul item. Braided nylon tube! - very polpular has lots
of uses on workboats.


Green glass fishing floats for use with nets etc. I stock two sizes of these floats, 12.0mm and 6.0mm. Both types are priced at only £1.00 per pack, there are 5 units in the 12.0mm packs and 10 units in the 6.0mm packs.


Here I have some superb wood dan bouy floats. They are hollow hence they can take a wood or metal rod quite easily, they come ready painted in orange paint and ate supplied in packs of four at only £1.00 per pack.

Plastic "ice" for use in fish boxes, on deck or in fish rooms. This is a special plastic material that has been broken up and crushed and simulates ice very well. Sold per pack at only £0.75 per pack. I am getting low on this material once it has gone it has gone as they say.



I no longer make these items but have left the pictures to aid other modellers who wish to make these very time consuming items for there model.

Below is an example of the scallop bellies in a scallop trawl, this has kindly been sent to me by Mr John Irvine from Shetland who has used my scallop bellies in his model, I think that you will agree this is a stunning piece of work. Thank you Mr Irvine.

A superb piece of model making by Mr Irvine.