Here you will find a selection of resin fittings that include cowl vents and capstans.



Resin cowl vents. Nicely made and finished unit with the big advantage of being very light weight which helps with top end weight on working models.  Can be drilled out to convert into a working cowl vents, this is what I do with my models to assist with motor cooling.

 31.5MM 10.5MM 23.0MM 17.0MM EACH£3.10
 31.0MM  8.0MM 21.5MM 21.5MM EACH £3.10
 35.5MM 11.0MM23.5MM 15.5MM EACH £3.10
 33.0MM 4.3MM 9.0MM 9.0MM EACH £1.85



Here we have a new range of very nicely made and finished capstans.

The capstan body is made from black turned plastic with an aluminium centre cap. Please note that the smallest unit does not have a centre cap. The unit swivels on a brass machined peg that will go through the deck and be located by a brass nut and washer, supplied. These come in kit form and will need assembling by the model maker.

As can be seen from the above picture these capstans are superbly machined. The numbers on the picture refer to the diameter of each capstan available. This diameter is the outside diameter of the units. The units are virtually "square" in that they are almodt the same height as they are in diameter.

Therefore a 15.0mm dia unit is 15.omm high.



 6.0MM 6.0MM M2 EACH £1.25
 8.1MM 8.1MM M2 EACH £1.50
 10.3MM 10.2MM M2 EACH £2.50
 12.3MM 12.1MM M2 EACH £2.75