In this section we have genuine hardwood grating in various sizes.

We feel that the sizes quoted will cover all scales from the smallest to the very largest models.

Supplied in kit form for home assembly, please bare in mind some sanding will be required, the unit can easily be stained, or painted if required. Also if larger areas need to be covered then by staggering the pieces along  length then long strips may be produced using multiple kits of the same size.

Example of some of the gratings available. Supplied in kit form only. These are superb quality and they interlock perfectly, also if longer sections or rectangular sections are required then various packs of the same specification can be locked together by assembling them in a staggered pattern keeping all joints to the same side, once completed simply turn the unit over to reveal a superb finished grating to the pattern you require. Please note that when constructing some sanding will be required but this is normal. We recomend gluing with a good quality PVA glue such as Weldbond, wipe off any excess as soon as possible so as not to penetrate the wood grain, this applies especially if you are going to stain the grating. Please note that these units are not lazer cut hence they have no ugly burned edges like some on the market, they are all CNC machined.


 PART NO. "A""B" "a" "b" "d" QUANTITYPRICE 
 WG 2 40.0MM40.0MM  1.5MM  1.5 MM0.8MM 1 PACK  £2.00
 WG 5 73.0MM 73.0MM 2.3MM 2.3MM 2.0MM 1 PACK £3.00
 WG 8 40.0MM 40.0MM 1.2MM 1.2MM 0.8MM 1 PACK£2.50